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Diving and Water Safety Lessons

Why choose Aquability?

Aquability can provide high quality lessons whilst running Swim England courses to train new teachers at ASA level 1 and 2.  This session is under the supervision of the Swim England tutors taking the courses.  Every child will have the opportunity to learn to dive to their own pace starting with in the water practises, jumping form the poolside, head first entries and if ready diving from the blocks and learning  transition to stroke for a race

What ability do I need to be?

To take part in the diving you need to have passed stage 4 and be able to tread water and swim comfortably in deep water

What course are available at Eric Liddell Sports Centre?

Diving lesson

Wednesday 11th April 2018    

Wednesday 1st August 2018  

What times are available?


3.20 – 4.00pm

FREE just need to book 40 minute lesson

How to book a course

To book a course email Fay with the following information


  • Day and time
  • Adults Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Mobile number


  • Childs name
  • Date of Birth
  • Any special needs / medical conditions
  • School they attend
  • Stage of ability (see above)

What’s the next step?

Book the next course and continue to enjoy Diving have fun and be safe….remember you need at least 1.8m to be safe to dive and 7.6m clearance in front of you.  Remember to keep your head down, push with your legs and stretch out as you enter the water